Lodge Sir George Cathcart No. 617

David B Johnston

When I was charged with generating an interest in our lodge website I knew it would not be easy to keep hold of our readers attention and keep them visiting our website, but when I looked at other websites and Masonic publications I realised that all masons, old and new are always interested in Famous Freemasons and the contribution they have made to the world we live in. I intend over the next few months to show some of my Masonic stamp collection and hope in the ensuing articles to stimulate an interest in Masonic research, which can be very rewarding. There will be some well known faces and there will be many surprises.

Freemasonry can boast of :- Scientists, Doctors, Engineers, Nobel Prize Winners, Poets, Authors, Musicians, Entertainers Sportsmen, Explorers, Soldiers, Sailors Airmen, Astronauts, Prime Ministers, Presidents, Social Reformers (the list goes on) so I will not lack material however I would like to show what people want to see and read so don’t be shy, give me some feed back, don’t hesitate to e-mail your opinions.

If you enjoy this section of the site and have any comments or questions it would be a pleasure to hear from you.

Brother David B. Johnston

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