Lodge Sir George Cathcart No. 617


Sir George Cathcart
<br/>1794 ~ 1854

Sir George Cathcart
1794 ~ 1854

Sir George Cathcart<br/>1794 ~ 1854Office Bearers<br/>2015R.W.M. & Installing Masters<br/>2015R.W.M. & Sub. P.G.M.<br/>2015Joint Divine Service<br/>2016Office Bearers<br/>2014Gordon Gillespie<br/>R.W.M. 2005-2007~2013-2015<br/>Sadly Passed to the Grand Lodge above 20162014 Installation<br/>P.G.M. John S Miller<br/>R.W.M. Gordon GillespieInstallation <br/>2014R.W.M.Gordon Gillespie<br/>I.P.M.Alistair McTaggart<br/>Sub. M. John Stephen<br/>20142014 Installation <br/>R.W.M. Gordon Gillespie<br/>W.S.W. Alex McAleer<br/>W.J.W. Willie Sutherland2014 Installation<br/>P.G.M. John S Miller<br/>P.M. Michael Higgins<br/>R.W.M. Gordon GillespieAlistair McTaggart <br/>R.W.M. 2008-2010 / 2012-2013R.W.M. & Bro Neil Fraser<br/>Depute P.G.M.100th Anniversary125th AnniversaryPresented to the Lodge by<br/>Lodge St John Busby 1882Detail from caseThe Lodge RoomThe Lodge RoomCentre James Martin First R.W.M.<br/>Lower Right Peter Duncan R.W.M. 50th Anniversary<br/>Top Right Mathew Livingstone R.W.M. 75th Anniversary<br/>Lower Left Robert Thomson R.W.M. 100th Anniversary<br/>Top Left Duncan McSporran R.W.M. 125th AnniversaryAnniversary JewelsLodge Mark TokenFreemasons Hall EdinburghGrand Lodge of Scotland <br/>Freemasons Hall